Music for Two & Guitars

Here is the deal, my partner and I have been building up our repertoire for years. We wanted more really good arrangements for Two Guitars. So naturally, as usual, we decided to make our own.

Now I just can't be bothered to go to the print shop with these things, it's too expensive and I don't believe the volume of sales are there to support that cost, but if you are willing to use what we use.... Clean printouts that we tape together (no page turns that way) I'll sell them to you. $4.00 each. Order 3 or more and the price drops to $3.00 each and we pay the postage in the US. For more information e-mail us.

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Drop us an e-mail with your order. We will Calculate Postage and let you know the total.

Allan Alexander 
188 First Street
  Troy, NY 12180  

 For one Selection - $4.00 
  For Three or more $3.00 each
Plus Postage

Payments can be made by:

  1. A check drawn on a US Bank for US Funds.

  2. An International Postal Money Order paying US Funds
  3. An American Express Money Order paying US Funds from a US Bank
  4. Cash

If you don't like the music when you receive it, we offer an unconditional return if you order the music through us, you send it back in the same shape you received it, and we send your money back.