Music for Flute & Guitar (or Violin and Guitar)

If you want to have a great time, find someone who plays the flute, violin or guitar (depending on your instrument). We have outrageous music for this instrumental combination. I encourage you to find someone and get together for duets.

I'm always seeking musicians to do projects with. If you live in the Durham, NC area drop me an e-mail and we will play some music.

The cost: $4.00 each plus postage. For more information e-mail me.

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Tunes for Flute & Guitar

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Christmas Selections

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Drop us an e-mail with your order. We will Calculate Postage and let you know the total.

 Allan Alexander 
2810 Butner St
Durham, NC 27704

Selections are $4.00 each
Plus Postage

Payments can be made by:

  1. You can now pay for sheet music by using PayPal

  2. A check drawn on a US Bank for US Funds.
  3. An International Postal Money Order paying US Funds
  4. An American Express Money Order paying US Funds from a US Bank
  5. Cash

If you don't like the music when you receive it, we offer an unconditional return if you order the music through us, you send it back in the same shape you received it, and we send your money back.