15 Venezuelan Waltzes for Guitar Book/CD

As one buyer says: "This is a beautiful CD, one of the best I have ever heard, worth the price alone" You can hear some of these pieces performed Soundclick

Book/CD Only 18.95 plus $2.68 Shipping in US

Book/CD Plus TAB Insert only $23.95 plus $3.00 Shipping in US

For Airmail Worldwide Book/CD only $18.95 + $13.41 Insured USPS Shipping.

For Airmail Worldwide Book/CD + TAB Insert only $23.95 + $13.41 Insured USPS Shipping.

One Player says: As a guitar player who actively seeks and surfs for new musical thoughts, out of the fog comes Allan Alexander and his beautiful waltzes. If you are looking for beautiful melodic themes with soft and vibrant passages, than look no further that these waltzes. I could not stop listening to the CD and could not wait to play these pieces. Allan's mastery and gift will have you and your guitar up late at night and early the next morning.

Allan takes you and your guitar on a journey of masterfully described melodies that will make your guitar sing in a way that will make you feel like you are holding an angel singing softly to you in your arms.......

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"15 Venezuelan Waltzes for Guitar

  • Gianna

  • Elena
  • Leona
  • Gabriella
  • Christina
  • Elissa
  • Valse Venezolano No. 7
  • Eudora
  • Merida

  • Marcia
  • Juliana
  • Laura
  • Felicia
  • Priscilla
  • Julietta

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Presented in beautifully scored Music Notation

The music notation is clear and crisp. This book will help you to learn the tunes quickly because they are also carefully fingered to make they playable.

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Comes With a Compact Disc of the Pieces Performed by Allan Alexander

The CD, played by Allan Alexander, gives the musician the advantage of being able to hear how these songs can be played and will make the learning process easier. This is a high quality Digital recording (DDD). In addition to helping the player become familiar with the music, it will also be a source of listening pleasure.

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A High Quality Collection of Venezuelan Waltzes for Guitar

This is a great collection of waltzes. They lay well on the fingerboard. Some are a bit difficult, but some of them you should learn quickly if you are an intermediate guitarist. You won't be able to stop playing many of these pieces. They will keep you up late and you just might wake up with the melodies going through your mind. Play Gianna and I think you will be hooked. Learn Gabriella and you will be wanting to play more.

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