A Variety of Music for Renaissance Lute Book/CD


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    My wife Aleksandra found the melody for “Cantiga 119.“ I don’t think you can resist this piece. It has everything you could want: excitement, syncopation and I believe you won’t be able to stop playing it. Add to that the great “Winder wie ist” and you have two great reasons to buy this collection. Of course if you desire gentle warm pieces, there are a number of those including “Faine Would I Wed,” “What you Will” and “Choreo Polonico.” What I hope to give you in this collection is a bit of everything, but all quality addictive pieces. Here you will find pieces you will not find in any other collection, and variations I hope will delight you. All the pieces are in French tablature. The CD that accompanies this collection has almost seventy minutes of music. I hope it will be both a learning aid and a pleasure to hear.

    This is a terrific collection for performances or for playing for your own pleasure. I believe this will be a very valuable addition to your lute tablature collections. Take a moment to listen to Cantiga 119 and a few of the other pieces included in this collection on Soundclick

    The Pieces

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    The Pieces

    1. Branle Gay - Pierre Attaingnant

    2. Branle Poictou - Pierre Attaingnant
    3. Galliard - Diomedes Cato
    4. Lute Dance - Allan Alexander
    5. Faine Would I Wed - Giles Farnaby
    6. Bransle Charlotte - Thoinet Arbeau
    7. Cantiga Brisa - Allan Alexander
    8. Alman - Robert Johnson
    9. Cantiga 279 - Alfonso X el Sabio
    10. Cantar de Boda - Anonymous
    11. A Virgen Mui Groriosa - Alfonso X el Sabio
    12. Pavane Two - Luys Milan
    13. Christ Has Risen - Hans Judenkunig
    14. Pavan Four - Luys Milan
    15. Pavan Six - Luys Milan
    16. Go From My Window - Anonymous
    17. Volte - Jean Baptiste Besard
    18. Branle - Jean Baptiste Besard
    19. What You Will - Anon , From the Board Lute Book
    20. Medieval Song - Allan Alexander
    21. Cantiga 119 - Alfonso X el Sabio
    22. Belle Qui Tiens Ma Vie - Anonymous
    23. Simple Gifts - Anon
    24. Taggart's Delight - Anon
    25. Ronde
    26. Bransle Gay - Michael Praetorius
    27. Chorea Polonica - Alberti Dlugoraj
    28. Codec di Musica from Oscar Chilesoti Lute Book
    29. Codec di Musica from Oscar Chilesoti Lute Book
    30. Villanella - Alberti Dlugoraj
    31. Winder Wie ist - Neidhart von Reuental
    32. Alman - Robert Johnson
    33. Two Branles from Oscar Chilesoti Lute Book

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