Drop me a note at guitarandlute and I can send a paypal reqest for the books and the correct shipping amount.


Shipping in the US

Shipping Worldwide

1 or 2 books, 2.73 to $5.05

1 book usually $13.41

3 or 4 books we can often ship for $5.05

4 books we can often ship for $25.00 or Less


Worldwide, we can ship M Bag to foreign countries for under $10.00, but it's surface and very slow. It might be worth it on a large number of books if one doesn't mind waiting.

In the US for a large quantity of books, we can ship in a flat rate priority box for under $10.00

If you do have questions or would like a quote on shipping a number of books, drop me a note at guitarandlute. I can send a paypal request for a bundle of books.