The Book of Music Secrets

Players and Aspiring Musicians

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Secrets about music is a different type of book. First of all, it's only 28 pages, but you will be surprised how helpful this little volume will be for you. Whether you are a a performing musician, a beginner or someone who just wants to play and make music, this is the book for you. Discover why you will be able to play if you want to, learn why you become nervous when you play for people. Find out why you feel though you are playing you aren't having any fun at all, or perhaps why you quit playing music. This little volume is full of insights which will help you realize your dream of playing music and having a good time at it. If you are frustrated, confused and just want to begin to play and develop a repertoire, buy this book. It's a little focused on string players, and also guitar, but it has many helpful hints to get you playing, and keep you playing for the rest of your life. It has taken me most of my life to figure these simple principles and I am happy to pass them on to you. This invaluable collection of wisdom is only $5.95 and that includes shipping. You will be glad you bought this book, and you will read it more than once. It will clear up so many of the mysteries of music for you.

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