The Queen's Musick Book/CD French Tablature


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    In this book and on the enclosed CD you will find the music of Santino Garsi da Parma, Julio Cesare Barbetta, Diomedes, Bartlomiej Pekiel, Simone Molinaro, pieces from The Chilesotti Collection and many more. These are pieces that I heard first when I was learning the guitar. I didn’t have a lute or the music to these wonderful selections. I admit that I lusted after them, but it was years until I finally got a lute and then finally tracked them down. Many of these pieces were relatively difficult to find, but to be sure, all of them are gems. Here is a book which you can use at a performance or just play for your pleasure. This is a great collection of pieces for any lutenist.

    Note: These are pieces which have been used in "The Guitarist's Lute Book" so if you that book, this would be duplicate music for you.

    The CD that comes with the book has all of the lute pieces in the book performed by Allan Alexander on a on the Renaissance lute made by Jacob Van Lennep. The CD is in the same order that the pieces appear in the book.

    Twenty Seven Great Pieces

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    The Pieces

    1. La Mutia - Santino Garsi da Parma

    2. Correnta - Santino Garsi da Parma
    3. La Cesarina - Santino Garsi da Parma
    4. Calata ala Spagnola - Joan Ambrosio Dalza
    5. Moresca Prima, deta le Canarie - Julio Cesare Barbetta
    6. Pasamezzo - Adrian Leroy
    7. Favorito - Diomedes
    8. A Gigue - R. Askue
    9. Fortune - John Dowland
    10. Il Pastor Leggiadro - Cesare Negri
    11. La Vilanella - Vincenzo Capirola
    12. An Almaigne - Thomas Robinson from The Schoole of Musicke
    13. Polish Dance - Bartlomiej Pekiel
    14. Galliard - Francis Cutting
    15. Villanella - Marco Fabrizio Caroso
    16. Villanella - From The Chilesotti Collection
    17. Chiara Stella - From The Chilesotti Collection
    18. A Jig - Anonymous
    19. A Sleight Conceit - Anonymous
    20. Canario - Cesare Negri, Variations by Allan Alexander
    21. Fantasia Prima - Simone Molinaro
    22. Cutting's Comfort - Francis Cutting
    23. Saltarello 3 - Simone Molinaro
    24. Italiana - From The Chilesotti Collection
    25. Untitled Piece - From The Chilesotti Collection
    26. Courante - From The Chilesotti Collection
    27. Fantasia 40 - Francesco da Milano

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