Medieval Masterpieces for Renaissance Lute Book/CD

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    If you are looking for really good music... Music that is a little different and rewarding to play, Music that isn’t impossible to play that lays well under your fingers, consider the pieces in this volume. One composer in particular that I have grown to love is Neidhart von Reuernthal. It’s hard to explain what makes his pieces so special... But I’m sure there have been pieces that have caught your attention and you just have to play them. That is what these pieces I have include do to me. Some of these melodies I have found just by looking and others were suggested to me by people who have bought my books and want to play these pieces. I did these settings for a Renaissance Lute with seven courses, but I would guess by just leaving off the bass notes or putting them up an octave, they can be played on a medieval lute also. These are really wonderful pieces.

    The Pieces

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    The Pieces

    1. Winter deine mail

    2. Willekommen Mayenschein
    3. Ûf dem Berge und in dem Tal
    4. Stella Splendens
    5. Bache Bene Venis
    6. Carmen Vernale
    7. J'ai u le loup
    8. Mayenzeit one neidt
    9. Meie din liechter schin
    10. Sakpipslat fran Norra Rada
    11. Palästinalied
    12. Les Miracles de Notre Dame
    13. Sempre Faz o Mellor
    14. Pase El Agua Ma Julieta
    15. Regina Caeli
    16. Ava Donna Sanctissima
    17. Troppo Perde'l tempo
    18. Diana Stella
    19. Der Veyhel
    20. Cantiga
    21. Young William Plunkett

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