Medieval Cantigas for Renaissance Lute Book/CD

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    The Cantigas are some of the most wonderful pieces of Medieval times. I have already used a few in other editions, but this one is almost all Cantigas. I say almost all because I have included a couple of other Medieval pieces that I like very much. I think you will find these pieces fun to play and also accessible. After all, what is the point of a great piece for a musician if they can’t play it.

    The CD is an additional plus, because if you can hear these pieces, it makes them much easier to play. Yogi Berra said that ninety percent of baseball is fifty percent mental. It is the same with music. So much of playing a piece is in the mind, and anticipation is a huge part of playing, so when you know what is coming next, it really aids in playing.

    The Pieces

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    The Pieces

    1. A Virgen, que de Deus Cantiga 322

    2. Da Que Deus Mamo Cantiga 77
    3. Bransle
    4. O Que a Santa Maria Cantiga 12
    5. Os Sete Does Cantiga 418
    6. O Que Diz Que Servir Cantiga 311
    7. Sempr'acha Santa Maria Cantiga 137
    8. Con Razon Ras Creaturas Cantiga 342
    9. Acorrer Nos Pode Cantiga 86
    10. A Virgen, Madre de Nostro Sennor Cantiga 41
    11. A Que en Nossos Cantiga 366
    12. Podera a Santa Maria Cantiga 185
    13. Las Las Las Las Par Grand Delit
    14. Ben Pode Santa Maria Cantiga 189
    15. Oracon con Piadade Cantiga 205
    16. Muito per D'eva Reyna Cantiga 310
    17. Por My Gran Fremosura Cantiga 384
    18. Santa Maria Loei Cantiga 200
    19. Non Dev'a Entrar Null'ome Cantiga 217
    20. Lauda Novella
    21. Leitões dançando de Santa Maria
    22. Des Oge Cantiga 1
    23. Quen Omagen Cantiga 353
    24. Muito De Mostra a Virgen Cantiga 292
    25. A Virgen En Que Cantiga 134
    26. Santa Maria Valed Cantiga 279

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