French Lute Tablature

All Images, Arrangements and Music Copyright © Allan Alexander. We now accept PayPal for all lute tablature. Only $4.00

New Tablature for the Lute?

Think of what a dull lute world we would have if Alonso Mudarra, Anthony Holborne, Francesco da Milano, John Dowland, Simon Molinaro or Jean Baptiste Besard (to name just a few) decided they would only play thirteenth century lute tunes. Or if Francis Cutting decided that William Byrde's things were best left on keyboard. What a loss of repertoire for all of us. I'm certainly not claiming any greatness as a composer, but these tunes are wonderful and fun to play.... How can I be sure, because people that hear them tell me they love them, even though they don't know I wrote them.... or maybe considering what a dull guy I am, it's because they don't know I wrote them. Here is an example of a piece that we sell titled "Cary Jane".

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Old Dance Music Set For The Lute $4.00 Each

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Lute Duets

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Original Pieces in Lute Tablature $4.00 Each

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Lute and Recorder $4.00 Each

  1. Music for Lute and Recorder Volume I or Volume II

  2. Bring a Torch, Jeanette, Isabella
  3. I Saw Three Ships - Traditional
  4. Ding Dong Merrily On High

How To Order

Drop us an e-mail with your order. We will Calculate Postage and let you know the total.

All Selections $4.00. Duos are $4.50 even in quantity.

Payments can be made by:

  1. We now accept Paypal

  2. A check drawn on a US Bank for US Funds.
  3. An International Postal Money Order paying US Funds
  4. An American Express Money Order paying US Funds from a US Bank
  5. Cash

If you don't like the music, simply return it in the condition you received it and we will return the money.

Free Lute Tablature

If you play the Lute and would like a sample of our Lute Tablature send us:

First Name, Last Name
City, State, Zip

Send this via e-mail with the subject "Free Tablature." If your e-mail address is not functioning, we won't send anything. If it is, we will send you the free lute tune Via the US Postal Service.

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If there is a particular piece that you are just dying to play, but you can't seem to find a good arrangement anywhere, let us know what it is. We may be interested in adding it to our collection, just e-mail us and tell us what you would like.

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