The Guitarist's Lute Book/CD

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For Lutenists - 27 Great pieces not normally seen in collections in clear clean French TAB and all the pieces played on the accompanying CD.

For Guitarist's - Everything you need to now about the lute and how to play and read lute tablature... read on.

As you probably have noticed, a large part of the classical guitar repertoire is made up of Renaissance lute music. When I was learning guitar I wanted to know about the lute, and more importantly, I wanted to go to the source for the music. I wanted to play lute music from lute tablature and was excited when I found out that with some knowledge, I could do this.

In a time when a good CD of music usually costs $15.00, this book/cd is a great deal. You get a great CD of music, a great deal of information about the lute and 32 great pieces to play. Transcriptions of lute music abound. The beauty of tablature is that you are putting your fingers exactly where someone was putting theirs 400 years ago. Tablature was not developed for stupid lutenists who could not read music, it was developed because with early music notation one could not score polyphonic music. It was a great breakthrough for musicians. Anyone can learn to read it with simple instructions.

If you have ever wondered about the lute, the history, the tuning, or how to read the tablature, this is the book for you. Here you will find a history of the lute, information about its tuning and how you can access lute tablature on the guitar. Here you will also find pieces to play on the guitar in lute tablature, both challenging and easy. The point of the music is the quality, and in Renaissance music you can find great easy pieces that are a blast to play. After reading this book and playing the pieces, you may decide to buy a lute. If this is the case, I give you many sources for finding one. You may also decide that you want to play more lute music on the guitar, and if that is the case, you will be armed with the information to do that .

The CD that comes with the book has all of the lute pieces in the book performed on the Renaissance lute, and some of them played on the classical guitar so you can hear the difference. There are also a few pieces for Baroque guitar and information that will help you play them. And finally, there are two a helpful time lines which will show you the history and progression of both the lute and guitar. These are great lute pieces, not normally found in collections.

We now also have an optional insert (which is not necessary) which is meticulously fingered for classical guitar. We can supply this for an additional $5.00 if you have any doubts about your ability to learn to read the lute tablature. The Pieces

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