Flamenco Music for Guitar Book/CD

These are pieces you will not be able to stop playing! You can hear some of these pieces performed at SoundClick

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Presented in both Tablature and Music Notation

The music is presented in both music notation and guitar TAB (for people that do not read music). The music notation is clear and crisp. It contains complete clear fingerings for the guitar. These will help you to learn the tunes quickly whether you depend on the tablature or the music.

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Comes With a Compact Disc of the Pieces Performed by Allan Alexander

The CD, played by Allan Alexander, gives the musician the advantage of being able to hear how these songs can be played and will make the learning process easier. This is a high quality Digital recording (DDD). In addition to helping the player become familiar with the music, it will also be a source of listening pleasure.

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A High Quality Collection of Pieces for Guitar.

This is a terrific collection of eleven great Flamenco pieces from for guitar. The focus of this book is twofold. First and foremost is always to bring you music that you can't stop playing. Great pieces that have that magical quality that will keep you coming back to play them over and over again. Equally important is the playability. You will find that these pieces fit beautifully on the fingerboard and are accessible to most intermediate guitarists. We will bet that you do not have most of these pieces in your music collection, no matter how large it is.

Titles are:

  1. Soleares

  2. Zorongo
  3. Petenera
  4. Cancion de los Incas
  5. Seguiriyas
  6. Alegrias
  7. Farruca
  8. Danza Mora
  9. Bulerias
  10. Sevillanas
  11. El Vito

The accompanying CD will help you learn the pieces. It is a performance cd made for listening. The book has both notation and tablature in separate sections. This is a must have collection.

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