23 Easy Pieces for Renaissance Lute Book/CD

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This is a book that is perfect for learning lute to read lute tablature and also a great book because you get a nice edition of lute music plus the CD of all the pieces on a CD Performed by Allan Alexander. The CD is almost 40 minutes of music and the CD is suitable for listening. Most of these pieces can also be played by guitarists if they retune the 3rd string of the guitar and follow easy instructions included in the book on how to read the lute tablature. All Pieces are in French Tablature.

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The Pieces












The Pieces

  1. Ancient Song

  2. Owe dirre sumerzit
  3. Pavane One
  4. Mr. Chidley's Farewell
  5. Pavane Three
  6. Song of the Ass
  7. Out in the Meadow
  8. Medieval Song No 1
  9. Medieval Song No 1
  10. Come With Me My Giselle
  11. Lute Dance
  12. Early Lute Dance
  13. Medieval Song
  14. Take My Hand
  15. It's Summer Again
  16. Mountain Walk
  17. Bransle No 1
  18. Bransle No 2
  19. Bransle No 3
  20. Early Dance
  21. Elfen Dance
  22. Haulberroyes
  23. Bianco Fore

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