Etching of Lute

Hear the Lute

In Dowland's own words. "When I came to the Duke of Brunswick he used me kindly and gave me a rich chain of gold, 23 pounds of money with velvet, satin and gold lace to make me apparel, with promise that if I would serve him he would give me as much as any prince in the world."

"From thence I went to the Landgrave of Hesse, who gave me the greatest welcome that might be for on of my quality, who sent a ring into England to my wife, valued at 20 pounds sterling and gave me a great standing cup with a cover gilt, full of dollars with many great offers for my service."

"From thence I had great desire to see Italy and came to Venice and from there to Florence, where I played before the duke and got great favors.

Dowland was appointed lutenist to Christian IV of Denmark n November 11 1598 at the salary of 500 dalers per annum. This was a significant amount of money and even though he was well paid, there are documents indicating borrowing against future salary. It is believed he may have had a problem with alcohol.

Before his last book of songs was published Dowland's publisher was killed by the Black Plague The project was finished by the wife of the printer.

Dowland was eventually appointed to the court of Elizabeth, something he wanted all of his life. His son Robert published the famous book, "A Variety of Lute Lessons" which contained many of his father's pieces.

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