Music for Cello & Guitar (20 Pieces) Book Only

You are going to love this book. Inside you will find beautiful traditional Spanish and South American music including Zorongo and El Vito, several pieces from Handel’s Water Music, and music from the Renaissance and Medieval times including a unique Greenseelves on a Ground. When you can’t stop playing the Medieval Dance Cantiga 119 you will know you bought the right book. This is a volume that you will keep near you for gigs and performances, and one that you will enjoy playing from anytime you choose. This Valuable collection will enhance your cello and guitar repertoire.

The Pieces

  • Zorongo

  • Linda Amiga
  • Hakumamai Pursisun
  • El Vito
  • Brazilian Lullaby
  • My Own True Love
  • Song of the Meadowlark
  • Greensleeves on a Ground 1
  • Water Music - Third Suite No Five
  • Water Music Bouree One
  • Water Music Bouree Two

  • Water Music - Air
  • The Woods So Wild
  • Leitões dançando de Santa Maria
  • Rug Muire Mac de Dhia
  • Bach Prelude in D Minor
  • Cantiga de Brisa
  • Cantiga 119
  • Cantar de Boda
  • Canon

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